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Starbird Concrete cares about potential clients, some facts we want you to know about possible defects that may occur over time.

We at Starbird Concrete work extremely hard not onlt to earn your trust and business, but to insure that for years to come, you will have a long lasting , high quality concrete flatwork product. Our employees are trained to set-up, grade, place, and finish your concrete to the highest of industry standards. Wisconsin seasons ESPECIALLY WINTER, are hard on any concrete exterior surface. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Starbird uses steel mesh and rebar support to help ensure that should a crack develop outside of our properly placed control joints the likelihood of any separation is drastically reduced or eliminated. In addition, expansion felt is placed anywhere new concrete is adjoining to existing concrete, allowing for expansion and contraction of the concrete. Though we have experienced 20 years of situations, concrete has a mind of its own subsequently resulting in NO GUARANTEE your concrete won’t crack outside of our control joints.

Why does it crack?

  1. Excessive settling of the subgrade below.
  2. Water being unable to properly drain off edge of concrete surface due to grass or yard graded higher causing the water to trap or pool on the edge, downspouts that are not extended far enough away from concrete, or downspouts that are trapped ( typically behind sidewalks) all allow water to seep under the subgrade.
  3. Heaving/lifting of the ground due to frost in winter months ( even the slighest movement in the ground may cause a surface crack.)
  4. Shrinkage cracks during the concrete curing process, which will continue for the life of your concrete project as concrete is ALWAYS curing, even 40 year old concrete never stops curing. The longer time goes, the less likelihood of shrinkage cracking will happen.

Scaling/Pitting: Exterior concrete is exposed to rain, snow, sunlight, vehicle traffic, and deicing salts that fall from your vehicles undercarriage. As new concrete is finished, a broom texture is applied to allow the surface to “breath” as the surface cures and hardens. When water from snow , rain, ice standing snow piles, dripping gutters above, and slush balls from your vehicle enter these opened surface pores, and a constant freeze/thaw cycle persists, expansion in the surface pores occurs consequently resulting in the surface separating from its mass. There are NO SAFE or RECOMMENDED deicing salts, all chemicals used to eliminate ice from the surface at any phase of the concrete life MAY cosmetically affect your surface. Structural integrity IS NOT compromised!

Discoloration: It is IMPOSSIBLE for us to match the color of existing concrete! Sand, stone, water, and weather all factor into the final product color. Also most jobs require 2 or more loads to complete the project, variations at the plant MAY cause color to not match “perfectly” most color variations are minor ( if at all) and most all the time the colors will fade/blend over the seasons, yet the possibility exists that different loads will never match 100%. Concrete is a porous and wearing surface and it WILL change color and texture over the years. Continued sealing will also factor into the new color of your surface.

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